Thee Ideal Gus "99" book

Italian label Planam is soon releasing Thee Ideal Gus "99" LP in an edition of 200.  Its made up of the best bits from the old stabbiesetc double lathe LP "1999".

Each comes with unique hand drawn inserts some of which are compiled in a new book here:



STABBIESETC bandcamping

Have started a bandcamp audio dump for new & old music. The first three Pumice cassettes YI-JUN, WALKDEN FISHER and POISE are there with more to come including GFrenzy, Dollynose, Biscuits and more. ta.



AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DOGS by Stefan Neville

Domino effect dogs yelling at each other. B&W drawings. 62 page OATS book.

To preview or order a copy you have to go here:


Pumice "PUNY" LP & CD

Spitty skiffle. Doom-wop haka. Therapy trophy. The pipes are full of piss. Crack up break down life saving glutard soul destruction & keepin it proud songs from 2010. These were my first recordings on the newer slightly better 8 track tape machine that Chris Berry brought me.

Released by Soft Abuse.



WIN TANES BRA by Clayton Noone & Stefan Neville

Our third print on demand City of Tales book is this feature length murder mystery longest tale. 58 pages. Dogs, statues, weed, snow and Bon Scott. It won a "ERIC" NZ comic award for the photocopied version when it first came out. We got a trophy and some art supplies.

To preview or order a copy go here:



Matthew De Gennaro & Stefan Neville "Women" cassette.

Two men that lead interesting lives share ennui from unanimous confusion via Women. A blurred vision ensued. Symmetrical recording and echoic blues. Yes. Recorded in a one room schoolhouse, summer (northern hemisphere) 2009. Joe Jones music machine guest stars on The Mess Knowing You Has Made of Me.

Edition of 100.



What The Fuck Is A Free Radical? by Clayton Noone & Stefan Neville

Another volume of city of tales comics in glossy bound 20x25cm hard or  softcover. 80 pages of ballbags, dero's, old ladies, nudists & kiwi dazzlers. This one includes the very first tales we ever made.

Its a print on demand book. To preview or order a copy go here:



Identity Cleared Of Beard Ripping By Clayton Noone & Stefan Neville.

A glossy bound soft or hardcover 20x25cm 80 page collection of City of Tales comics. Clayton & I have been making these comics since the late 90's.

Fine digital printing makes every blemish, smear and stain beautifully clear. The Tales are mundane, vague, decrepit, daft & heartfelt.

Its a print on demand book. See a preview & buy here:



Coolies "Master" LP

Document of 4 lazy years. A collage of  live practice & gig recordings from Tina, Sjionel & myself.  The synths were overdubbed.

spitty 8 track & 2 track reel to reel fidelity. Mastered by Rachel Shearer.

 Released by Chapter Music.



Olympus "Bold Mould" LP

There was a bell forged in a mould in the side of Mt Olympus by lightning. These wet musicians used each others heads as mallets on it.

Artwork by www.deadxeroxpress.com
Comes with download coupon.

released by stabbies etc & Soft Abuse records.



Pumice untitled 10"

3 songs recorded June 2009.

Leighton Craig guests on "Fool Fool Fool Moon".

Screenprinted covers & 2 postcards.

Released by Doubtful Sounds.



Pumice "Magnedisk Recordings of Gfrenzy Songs" 7 inch.

Recorded live to magnetic oxide flexi discs on an ancient magnetic recording turntable on 14th May 2009.

4 Gfrenzy covers. I pay sincere tribute to Glen's songwriting here.

Thats me and CJA's Dad on the cover watching the Kiwi's win the League World Cup.

released by Dirty Knobby records.


Sunken "Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve" CD

The second batch of Sunken recordings.

Includes imitations of seacows best listened to in your gruts through a snorkel.

Antony does a mean guitar solo on "Staunch".

released by Pseudo Arcana.


Pumice "Raft" CD.

    My first recordings on 8 track made in 2003 while housesitting on K.rd. I ate goat curry from the takeaways downstairs and tried not to disturb the massage parlor next door. I had learned about STEREO, i borrowed a tape delay and i was miserable.

    released by Last Visible Dog Records & Stabbies Etc Recordings. This is the NZ version of the cover art which is how it was meant to be.