Pumice untitled 10"

3 songs recorded June 2009.

Leighton Craig guests on "Fool Fool Fool Moon".

Screenprinted covers & 2 postcards.

Released by Doubtful Sounds.



Pumice "Magnedisk Recordings of Gfrenzy Songs" 7 inch.

Recorded live to magnetic oxide flexi discs on an ancient magnetic recording turntable on 14th May 2009.

4 Gfrenzy covers. I pay sincere tribute to Glen's songwriting here.

Thats me and CJA's Dad on the cover watching the Kiwi's win the League World Cup.

released by Dirty Knobby records.


Sunken "Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve" CD

The second batch of Sunken recordings.

Includes imitations of seacows best listened to in your gruts through a snorkel.

Antony does a mean guitar solo on "Staunch".

released by Pseudo Arcana.


Pumice "Raft" CD.

    My first recordings on 8 track made in 2003 while housesitting on K.rd. I ate goat curry from the takeaways downstairs and tried not to disturb the massage parlor next door. I had learned about STEREO, i borrowed a tape delay and i was miserable.

    released by Last Visible Dog Records & Stabbies Etc Recordings. This is the NZ version of the cover art which is how it was meant to be.